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Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes

Alfred M. Wiedemann, La Rea J. Dennis and Frank H. Smith

6 × 9 inches. Illus. Keys. Glossary. Index. 128 pages.

1999. ISBN 978-0-87071-457-3. Paperback, $12.95.

Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes offers a useful, informative guide for visitors to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area or anyone spending time on the state's remarkable beaches.

The standard reference on the Oregon dunes for thirty years, this handy guide identifies those plants most likely encountered and serves as a general introduction to the ecology of dune areas. The first two sections explain the natural history of dunes and describe plant communities associated with dunes and how they change over time. The final section provides an easy-to-use key to 90 common dune plants. Each species profile includes a photograph, a detailed description, and information on habitat and range.

This new edition considers changes in dune areas in recent decades, notes conservation efforts, and updates scientific names.

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